Francesco Noya

IT Developer - Drum&Bass DJ and Producer


When I was young I always dreamed to be either an architect or a techie (weird dreams I know). After having realized how bad I am at drawing anything I focused my studies on IT.
During the university i decided to specialize in mobile computing since I really like the idea not just to write programs and algorithms but also to face other interesting aspects like the User Experience (UX) and the User Interface (UI).

Here you can find some resources to get more information about my professional skills:

LinkedIn my CV and my working experiences (regularly updated)
Xing as above but not so updated

Stackoverflow Careers 2.0 just another one...


When I was 14 I decided to take drum lessons. I subsequently started to play in several band with different music style, mostly rock, reggae, dub and some jazz.
My brother introduced me to music production by showing me AcidPro, parallely I discovered drum&bass music by accident during a trip on a friend's car... I was immediatly conquered by those crazy fast breakbeats and decided to focus and develop my production skills.
In 2003 i started djing and formed the Delta9 crew together with Echonic and Ronka... this evolved from organizing events then have our own soundsystem and run free parties and finally set up our own label to promote and spread the drum&bass culture.

If you want to listen to my sound or have more info about Delta9 Recordings check the following links:

Mixes to listen and download
Soundcloud here you can listen to my tunes
Mixcloud is where i put my mixes
Discogs my discography

Delta9 Recordings is the label I created with my mates Echonic and Ronka
Delta9 Recordings Soundcloud listen to our label's tunes


Generally not a fan of social networks (i find them intensively time consuming), anyway feel free to check them out and add me!

Google+ is the social network I mostly use to post music-related links, tunes, djsets and VST
Facebook I don't take it so seriously and use it mostly to post useless silly things or photos... you have been warned!

Youtube I started the channel to put some video shots of my works... but now I post random videos


noyanoya {at} tin {dot} it (Mail)

noya.delta9 (Skype)